Valley of Fire: Explore nature’s work of art

Tour a desert masterpiece millions of years in the making

Tour a desert masterpiece millions of years in the making
Valley of Fire HDR Photography

Just beyond Las Vegas stands an otherworldly landscape of epic proportions. Some gaze into the rock formations and see fire. Filmmakers see Mars. Whatever the truth may be, Valley of Fire State Park is a place for the adventurer at heart.

Born from Aztec sandstone and other geological finds, this park is one of southern Nevada’s native treasures, with Native American art, natural arches and more. Since opening in 1934, Valley of Fire has grown to more than 40,000 acres and hosted thousands of outdoor escapades. Embark on one of your own with a custom tour from Scenic.Vegas.

Our packages are designed for the brave and curious, with private tours for a more intimate and custom experience. Whether you’re getting married, eyeing a photo shoot or just seeking your next thrill, we have everything you need to fulfill your wanderlust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Valley of Fire located?

Valley of Fire is located northeast of Las Vegas, about an hour’s drive from the Strip. With that distance, you’ll feel far from the hustle and bustle of Sin City and ready to appreciate the natural beauty of the park.

How did Valley of Fire get its name?

The "fire" is actually a mix of sandstone and limestone. The landforms contain a rich interplay of red and orange. That was the inspiration behind the fiery comparison, which, legend has it, was first coined in the 1920s.

Can I have my wedding at Valley of Fire?

Yes, we conduct weddings at Valley of Fire State Park on a daily basis. The state allows weddings at four locations within the park, and we can help you choose. All in all, the photogenic scenery is a great way to augment your special day, and you’ll enjoy tying the knot in an unforgettable locale.

Can I hike at Valley of Fire?

Valley of Fire is a hiker’s paradise. Several hiking trails are located within the park, with assorted levels of difficulty. Some trails are less than a mile in length, while others are more than 4 miles. Mouse’s Tank is a crowd favorite because it includes historic petroglyphs left by Native Americans.

What’s the weather like at Valley of Fire?

Temperatures are important to bear in mind when booking a tour at Valley of Fire. The Mojave Desert can be a sweltering place, so by and large, the park is more enjoyable in the spring and fall. Summertime can bring scorching hot temperatures, with highs up to 120 degrees. Check your forecast before coming out.